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  1. Jelly/Gummy Candy Making Machine

    Jelly/Gummy Candy Making Machine is a highly advanced instrument that is capable of producing different shape, size, color, & flavored food item. It is comprised of dissolving cooker, gear pump, strainer, storage tank, discharging pump, cooling tunnel, depositor, and a control unit. This machine is used for producing semi-solid candies, jellies, and toffees. It makes high quality products with great speed and low manpower requirements.
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  2. Chocolate Cereal Bar Production Line

    Chocolate Cereal Bar Production Line consists of different processing units including mixer, buffer tank, slab former, sprinkling assembly, cooling tunnel, stirrer, spreader, cutter, coater, & receiving platform. It is installed for making of various types of chocolates with high precision having uniform taste & consistency throughout the product. This line is capable of manufacturing muesli bars with different ratios of cereals, nuts, & dry fruits, caramel, oats, & milk nougat base bars.
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  3. Mylikes Bean Core Depositor

    Mylikes Bean Core Depositor is utilized for the manufacturing of chocolate balls with several ingredients including milk, choco powder, sugar, maltodextrin, and flavoring agents. It is comprised of a long conveying system with mixing, drying, coating, & spraying assemblies. This machine is widely used in confectionery items making industry for producing different types & sizes of chocolates. It has the production capacity of around 50-100 kilograms per hour.
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  4. Chocolate Bean Forming Machine

    Chocolate Bean Forming Machine is comprised of a cold roller with cooling compressor, cooling tunnel, rim separator unit, a bean making roller, and drums of glycol mixture. It works on the principle of cold rolling for manufacturing of chocolate egg, bean, lentil, & heart. The structure of this machine is constructed from stainless steel having a carbon paint coating over it. It is used by pouring the chocolate glaze into the cavities of two cylindrical assemblies having low temperature to get the end product.
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  5. Full Automatic Chocolate Cereal Bar Production line

    Full Automatic Chocolate Cereal Bar Production Line is suitable for making different types of bars including fruit, nutrition, energy, & muesli. The complete processing system of this line includes syrup making, storage, mixing, double rolling, flatting, tunnel cooling, longitudinal cutting, bar separator, guillotine cutting, & PLC control system. This production line can also be installed with enrobing assembly for coating purpose. It is known for its user friendly nature and completely automatic operation.
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  6. Small Gummy Jelly Candy Production Line

    Small Gummy Jelly Candy Production Line is installed with most advanced processing and control system to assure its optimum performance. It is utilized for manufacturing of different size of gelatin-type soft jellies. This machine consists of tipping cooker with mixer, jelly candy depositor, cooling tunnel, molds, discharge pump, electrical cabinet, and packing machine. It is also compatible with producing two color candies that too with great precision and uniformity.
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  7. Automatic Rice Cake Production Line

    Automatic Rice Cake Production Line is suitable for manufacturing different shapes of food item including round, bar, spherical, square, semi circle, & rectangle. It is required for producing crispy & delicious puffed rice cake of variable sizes that are known for their low calories & healthy nature. This machine unit consists of mixer, screw conveyor, extruder, shaper, tunnel oven, forming assembly, oil sprayer, roller, flavor hoister, and cooler.
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  8. Chocolate Product Milling Machine

    Chocolate Product Milling Machine is required for uniform grinding of chocolate to get a homogenous mixture without any clumps, which is used for further processing. It is available with gear or turbo motor, electrical tightening fitting with adjustable pressure, and a sturdy metal casted body. This machine is mainly utilized in confectionery items processing and candies manufacturing industries. It is capable of producing about 500 liters of mixture in 15 to 20 hours of operation.
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  9. Chocolate Chip Making Machine

    Chocolate Chip Making Machine is used for making various size & shapes of chocolate biscuits, sticks, and balls with dry fruits & other ingredients. It is installed with a servo motor, automatic opening & closing mold, de-molding unit, elevating type cooling tunnel, and a conveying assembly. This machine is known for its easy cleaning, automatically adjustable temperature control, low maintenance requirements, and corrosion proof stainless steel made structure.
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  10. Chocolate Chip Pouring Machine

    Chocolate Chip Pouring Machine is used in biscuit & cookies manufacturing, baking, and confectionery item making industries. It is required for pouring chocolate chips on the processing food items with uniform speed. The shape of chips sprinkled is like a water drop having flat base with a tiny tail like structure at its shop. It is also capable of producing button like chip structure whose size and weight can be adjusted as required by the user.
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  11. Sugar Shell Chewing Gum Production Line

    Sugar Shell Chewing Gum Production Line is installed having an oven, ingredient mixer, extruder, forming unit, sugar coating assembly, molding unit, and a cooling system. It is suitable to be used in confectionery and medicine manufacturing plants. This machine is utilized for producing pillow shaped, square, or ball type sweet chewing gums of variable sizes & colors. It is highly appreciated for its fast processing and uniform taste of produced item.
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  12. Fully Automatic Chewing Gum Production Line

    Fully Automatic Chewing Gum Production Line consists of mixture for getting evenly mixed raw ingredients, screw conveyor for transferring material to extruder, cooling assembly, a cutter, and a hoister to transfer the processing material to multi layer oven. It is utilized for producing xylitol chewing gums of different sizes, color, & shapes including star, square, rectangle, diamond, and spherical. This production line can be utilized in pharmaceutical, fertilizer, food, and chemical industries as well.
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  13. Ball Bubble Gum Production Line

    Ball Bubble Gum Production Line is comprised of an extruder, conveyor belt system, mixing assembly, and a user friendly control panel. It is suitable for making hollow, strawberry, watermelon, lemon, round, filler type, & spherical shaped chewing gums of different flavors. This machine is installed in confectionery items processing industry and can also be utilized by pharmaceutical & chemical sector. It has the capability of producing up to 500 to 600 kg per hour of bubble gum which can also be adjusted according to the requirement.
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  14. Full Automatic Marshmallow Production Line

    Full Automatic Marshmallow Production Line operates by mixing all the ingredients in pre-mixer and continuously pumping the slurry produced in the cooker to achieve desired moisture level. The recipient material is then cooled & combined with a whipping agent solution to make marshmallow base, which is then passed to the aerator. It is then injected with the flavor, color before extruding and passing it to cool on a conveyor system. At the final stage, coating of icing sugar is done and forwarded to packing area.
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  15. Automatic Chocolate Machine

    Automatic Chocolate Machine consists of a single unit that is capable of performing various activities including mold drying, depositing, vibrating, cooling, de-molding, and transporting. It is known for its compact design and is used for producing pure & compound chocolate bars of different sizes & shapes. This machine can also make center filled products using different filling ingredients including caramel, gems, choco chips, and dry fruits.
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  16. 500L SUS 304 material chocolate conching machine chocolate refiner

    500l SUS 304 Material Chocolate Conching Machine Chocolate Refiner is suitable to be used in food processing, chemical, and fertilizer manufacturing industries. It is used for grinding chocolates, soybean flour, and granular compounds. This machine works on a modern process known as conching which ensures great mouth feel, texture, aroma, & consistency of the product and refining to reduce particle size of cocoa solids & sugar crystals to achieve uniformity.
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  17. Chocolate Refiner Machine|Chocolate Conching Machine

    Chocolate Refiner Machine|Chocolate Conching Machine consists of a feed hopper, lining bars, ball valve outlet, sump with immersion heater, pressure adjusting assembly, and refiner drive. It is utilized for getting a uniform & homogenous mixture of chocolate syrup having a rich taste, flavor, aroma, and texture. This machine is also utilized for refining the mixture to remove granular particles of choco powers and sugar crystals in finished product.
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  18. Small chocolate machine/chocolate factory machine

    Small Chocolate Machine/Chocolate Factory Machine is utilized in food processing industry for producing desired size product. It is required for making chocolate bars of variable sizes & shapes. This machine consists of a pressure tube, a servo motor, a conveyor belt, and a cooling system. It makes good quality of assorted, pure & compound chocolate enrobing. This instrument is highly appreciated for its fast processing and low maintenance requirements.
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