Small Chocolate Coating Pan

Small Chocolate Coating Pan

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Profile: FUDE MACHINERY supply the CBY Series coating pan, which is mainly used for ball shape, grain shape materials mixing, polishing, coating confectionery, pharmaceutical, or other light industry. Such as the chocolate bean, jelly bean, nuts coating, pills, etc.. This machine is mainly consists of frame body, worm and screw driving system, stainless steel pan, heater and fan (optional), controlling system. The pan is driving by worm wheel and motor. With the centrifugal effect the grains are rolling and attrition in the pan with other materials such as chocolate, sugar, glue materials be coated or polished.

More like tulip shape can be customized. 

Small Chocolate Coating Pan is comprised of a motor, a mixing container made of steel, driving system, and a control panel. It is a type of entry level instrument that is suitable for startup bakery business due to its portable structure. This machine is utilized for coating chocolate on variety of confectionery items including mylikes, beans, nuts, almonds, & other dry fruits. It can also be used for spraying sugar syrup on candies & jellies.