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  1. 400 Decorating machine

    400 Decorating Machine is utilized for making different designs of caramel, cream, or syrups on confectionery items. It is mainly installed in chocolate making industry for decoration purpose, as it is capable of making zig-zag, round, swirling, & stripes on the surface of products using delivery pump. This machine is known for its steady & uniform chocolate supply without any break in between while processing. It comes with sturdy & smoothly moving wheels to assure its convenient movement to desired area.
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  2. 600 Decorating machine

    600 Decorating Machine is installed in bakeries, candy & toffee manufacturing, and chocolate processing industries. It is required for designing & decorating of biscuits, chocolate balls, cookies, gems, donuts, and variety of bars. This machine is capable of making different designs including stripes, circles, & zig-zag on the products surface. It uses a special delivery pump to assure steady and u+niform chocolate supply. This instrument has the ability to rotate at 600 cycles per minute.
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  3. 1000 Decorating machine

    1000 Decorating Machine is used for making different patterns on the surface of cookies, donuts, bars, cakes, & pastries. It uses specially fabricated nozzles to pour uniform thickness of chocolate syrup or caramel paste. This machine is utilized in restaurants, cake shops, and baking factories for giving delicious designs to their food items. It is a portable instrument that can easily be moved to desired processing area.
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  4. 1200 Decorating machine

    1200 Decorating Machine is comprised of eccentric gear, syrup pouring nozzles, piping system, heater, pump, and an ingredient holding vessel. It is required for making attractive and tasty patterns on the surface of various food items including pastries, cookies, cakes, biscuits, and chocolate bars. This machine can make break free designs of zig-zag, single loop, circular, & diagonal strips with great accuracy. It is ideal for large production units for processing with good speed and hygiene.
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