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  1. 25C Chocolate Pump

    25C Chocolate Pump is mainly utilized in food processing & confectionery industries for transporting cocoa syrup to production of mixing area. It consists of a heavy duty electric motor, an on/off push button switch, water warming jacketed assembly, and a product pouring nozzle. This motor has the capacity to up to 25 liters per minute and required only 0.75 Kw of power to run at its full potential.
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  2. 30C Chocolate Pump Machine

    30C Chocolate Pump Machine mainly consists of SS304 grade stainless steel container for holding mixture and a motor attached to it with a piping system. It is required for pumping chocolate syrup to a desired unit in the processing area for coating, decorating, or filling purpose. This machine has material transporting capacity of up to 30 liters per minute and is suitable to be used by startup industries due to its low maintenance & cost effective nature.
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  3. 32C Chocolate Pump

    32C Chocolate Pump is named according to its product delivering capacity of 32 liters per minute. It is mainly comprised of a rotary motor, operating switch, and a material throwing nozzle. This pump is utilized in chocolate processing industries for transporting thick cocoa paste or other high oil content carrying mixtures to the required area. It is constructed having two separate assemblies where one is for pumping and other is for receiving & pouring the melted syrup.
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  4. 66C Chocolate Pump

    66C Chocolate Pump is used to deliver choco syrup to the processing unit or holding tanks as desired by the user. It has the product delivering capacity of 66 liters per minute and requires around 2.2 Kw of power supply to run at its full potential. This pump is made up of food grade metal to assure complete customer safety and products reliability. It is widely used in confectionery industry and has the delivery lift range of 8 to 13 meters.
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  5. 80C Chocolate Pump

    80C Chocolate Pump is high speed liquid syrup delivering instrument that is also capable of transporting thick oil based mixtures. It has the capability to deliver up to 80 liters of paste per minute with the lift height range of 8 to 13 meters. This pump is installed with a heavy duty pumping motor with valve assembly for accurate exit of the product. It is known for its tough performance under extreme working conditions.
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