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Chocolate Moulds

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  1. 3D Chocolate moulds

    3D Chocolate Moulds are generally manufactured from high quality silicone material using advanced machines. They are widely used for shaping thick consistency chocolate syrup into desired shape as of molding assembly. These moulds can be made in numerous designs, sizes, shapes, and structures. They are known for their non-sticky nature as produced chocolate can easily be removed without damaging & breaking. These can be availed in closed-bottom or open bottom structures for making hollow or solid items.
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  2. 2D Chocolate Moulds

    2D Chocolate Moulds can be manufactured using silicone or homopolymer plastic material to assure their nonstick nature. They are utilized for making solid chocolate of various shapes & sizes by pouring melted mixture of desired ingredients into the mould cavity. These moulds are known for providing exact structure to the product, even small grooves & linings are visible after de-molding. They can also be used with different automatic machines including injection moulding devices.
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