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Chocolate Holding Tank

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  1. 50L Chocolate Holding Tank

    50l Chocolate Holding Tank is made of premium quality food grade stainless steel metal to assure its non reactive nature and corrosion resistant structure. It is mainly utilized in entry level bakery business or confectionaries due to its compact size & optimum performance. This tank is utilized for storing melted chocolate syrup for further use & is highly appreciated for maintaining the proper consistency & texture of the product.
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  2. 100L Chocolate Holding Tank

    100l Chocolate Holding Tank is installed in food processing, pastries & cake making shops. It is utilized for bulk storing of chocolate liquid that can later be used for coating, molding, or decorating purpose. It consists of a stirrer & temperature controller for maintaining the proper thickness, color, flavor, & aroma of material. This tank has the capacity to store up to 100 liters of product at once without altering its physical & chemical properties.
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  3. 200L Chocolate Holding Tank

    200l Chocolate Holding Tank is constructing using true grade SS 304 stainless steel and is fitted with a heating assembly & knives inside the container. The stored product is continuously stirred at constant temperature to assure its rich taste & glossy appearance. It is mainly installed in chocolate processing industries for storing syrup that is later utilized for coating, decorating, and molding purpose. This tank can hold about 200 liters of material for a long period of time without changing any of its characteristics.
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  4. 300L Chocolate Holding Tank

    300l Chocolate Holding Tank consists of a rotating stirrer, thermostat, a motor, electrical heater, & a scraper device. It is utilized for keeping liquid chocolate in large volumes for production of food items. This machine evenly warms the product & continuously mixes it to improve its texture, consistency, & flavor. It also dehydrates & deodorizes the material mass which results in its better taste fluidity. This tank helps in improving the manufacturing efficiency & lowering processing cost.
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  5. 500L Chocolate Holding Tank

    500l Chocolate Holding Tank is extensively used in confectionery items manufacturing and food processing industries for storing a mixture of required ingredients under specific conditions. It is made of supreme quality low carbon food grade stainless steel to assure its non reactive nature with stored material. This has the capacity of holding about 500 liters of liquid chocolate by continuously stirring it at a constant speed & warm temperature.
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  6. 1000L Chocolate Holding Tank

    1000l Chocolate Holding Tank is widely required in large confectionaries, bakeries, and toffee manufacturing industries. It is installed with an electric hear, rotary motor with the speed of 22.5 revolutions per minute, mixing blades, and rust proof body. Apart from preservation & storing of product, it is also suitable for degasification, air sweetening, dehydration, & deodorizing of chocolate syrup. This tank is known for it’s evenly warmed inside temperature and clump free production of the cocoa liquid.
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  7. 2000L Chocolate Holding Tank

    2000l Chocolate Holding Tank is manufactured with multiple layers of steel alloy with hot & cold circulating water pump, temperature control system, impeller, scraper, and a motor. It is utilized for storing & preserving hot chocolate in huge volumetric capacities to assure continuous production of confectionaries & toffees. This tank can hold 2000 liters of product keeping its natural flavor, aroma, texture, & consistency for efficient molding & coating of various food surfaces.
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  8. 3000L Chocolate Holding Tank

    3000l Chocolate Holding Tank is used to store finely grinded cocoa syrup under specific temperature conditions to maintain its hygiene, purity, & richness. It is constructed having three layers of steel metal where first one is for material contact, second as hot & cold water circulating, and final layer is for thermal insulation. This tank is required where high quantities of chocolate based food items are produced on regular basis as it has the capacity to hold 3000 liters of material.
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  9. 5000L Chocolate Holding Tank

    5000l Chocolate Holding Tank is used for melting, preserving, mixing, degasification, air sweetening, dehydrating, & deodorizing purpose. It is fabricated having a huge structure with dimensions of around 1700 * 3000 mm and a rotary motor with rotation speed of about 22.5 RPM. This container is also installed with an electric heater & a temperature control panel for maintaining proper conditions to assure uniformity to end product in terms of taste, fragrance, and texture.
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