30C Chocolate Pump Machine

30C Chocolate Pump Machine

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The 30C Chocolate Pump Machine can be provided to fit generally tanks. It is a perfect method to pump chocolate or other fat based items a short separation from a tank to a ceaseless tempered, enrobing machine or other handling machine. 30C Chocolate Pump Machine can likewise be utilized effortlessly to simply "remote-administer" chocolate specifically into or onto an item on an alternate line, for instance to include a layer of chocolate a plate prepared item, for example, mogul's shortbread. It is fitted with a warmed adaptable hose, a foot-pedal worked administering component and in addition a hand-worked apportioning trigger on the finish of the hose. The 30C Chocolate Pump Machine is provided with every one of the segments required to simply "plug 'n play".

Key Features:
  • Appropriate for sustaining treating machines
  • Can be utilized for filling and purging mass tankers
  • Concentrated on economy of room and smallness
  • Has successful support free development